About the IBC

The Integrated Business Core (IBC) is a year-long program offered to Cedarville University business students during their sophomore and junior years. The program provides students with the opportunity to integrate classroom learning with practical business experience. It combines principles of Marketing, Management, and Finance courses for credit with a practicum in which students develop products or services and a business plan, request funding from a loan committee, and bring their products to market.

Proclaim the Name

Proclaim The Name was first launched on September 10, 2020 under the IBC program. Their mission was to inspire Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. Their apparel and accessories featured the words “Promise” and “Justified” in Greek so that people would ask the meaning and believers were equipped to share their testimony with others in an organic way.

Encompass and Pursuit

Fast forward to September 2021, and this year’s IBC team has expanded Proclaim the Name with two new lines: Encompass and Pursuit. Encompass seeks to encourage people to remember to encompass in prayer the unreached people groups of the world who still need to hear about the name of Jesus. Pursuit carries on Proclaim’s original evangelism focus: to create a Gospel conversation. With a new line of apparel, Pursuit offers unique, artistic designs that invite discussion about the deeper meaning of the design. We are excited to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, and look forward to seeing how God will use Proclaim The Name.

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